Broken downloads?

Update # 6 (17-Nov-2013) Youtube made code changes for encrypted video signatures breaking downloads on older version's . Pls. upgrade to new version 7.16 from to get the latest working version for all videos.

Your appreciation for the project is the only thing which motivates me to keep working on this not-for--profit project, This is the "ONLY" addon to offer 1080p Full-HD and 192Kbps MP3 direct downloads from Youtube.The service is 100% free of charge but If you are satisfied with the free addon, the support provided and appreciate the work and want the development to continue in future, Pls. write a review at . Honestly, it is really disappointing that thousands of satisfied users do not leave a review and the very few unsatisfied ones do discouraging me to invest efforts into this non-profit, hobby project.


Previous announcements :

UPDATE # 1 (17-Oct-2013) Youtube is doing some major changes to the core streaming technology used by them which is breaking "each and every" available Youtube downloader. For the time being 1080p Mp4, 720p webm, and flv formats are being blocked from Youtube. We are trying to make some workaround to get past this limitation please wait till then.

Update # 2 (19-Oct-2013)  Few videos are now showing the 1080p download again. Lets hope Youtube makes them available again.

Update # 3 (22-Oct-2013)  We are working on a solution and a new updated version with ability to download Full-HD 1080p video will launch in next few days.

Update # 4 (24-Oct-2013)  Fixed - "Easy Youtube Video Downloader" is the only downloader which offers you the broken 1080p Full-HD downloads directly from your web-browser at fastest speeds, get the new version 7.11 from :

Update # 5 (02-Nov-2013) Upgrade to version 7.14 from to get the latest fix.

Update # 5 (09-Nov-2013) Youtube once again messed up and we have to revert back to old method for getting 1080p downloads. Pls. upgrade to new version 7.15 from

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