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02 - Fixing File save dialog not showing up and how to change the Download folder location?

There seems to be some new default behaviour change from Firefox after a new update of the browser, Pls. follow the guide here - to configure auto-save/auto-play of media files.

You can find the download folder using the instructions below. If you are manually picking file-save folder location every time a download starts you can find the files by :

(a). Looking in the Download Manager window, Use Ctrl + J to open it.
(b). Start a new download and see where it saves the file.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader
uses your web-browsers default download folder location to save downloaded video/audio files. You can change/find this location using the instructions for your particular web-browser as shared below. 

Find or change Download Folder Location and stop autosave For Mozilla Firefox >>

Find or change Download Folder Location For Google Chrome >>

Find or change Download Folder Location For Opera >>

Note : If you want your downloaded videos and audio files to appear in your media library, follow instructions provided here -

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